Handcrafted timepieces. Made of wood and light.

Like Clockwork timepieces neatly upend preconceived notions of what a clock is in a natural yet unexpected way. Without using abstractions like hands, pointers, or numbers, they keep time as spoken word.

These timepieces are pieces of electronic art and are meant to be a modern, elegant, and functional part of your home's decor. Each of these clocks is unique and is made by hand out of premium, sustainable materials.

Premium materials, micro-manufacturing, meet fine craftsmanship.

Clock frames are crafted using fine woodworking techniques from custom milled, locally sourced hardwoods. All finishes are applied by hand.

Each face plate is individually fabricated from a solid sheet of acrylic using a precision laser cutting process. Mirroring material is removed while the face is simultaneously back-etched to create the display.

Purpose built electronics are hand assembled and tested prior to final frame integration. Each letter is individually lit and the display has multiple, user-selectable time change animations.

Time assignment and animation select buttons are cut from solid aluminum rod which are hand spun to create a machined finish.


All Like Clockwork timepieces are made in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Core production functions are split between Techshop Pittsbugh, a public, open access makerspace, and the Like Clockwork Forbes Avenue Nanofactory.


Go custom.

Each Like Clockwork timepiece is a custom work. The items presented in the store only show a sample of what we can do.

Want a clock face in a different language? Buying as a wedding gift and want the couple's names on the face? Want your companies logo or a special note engraved on the back? Want a different finish? Click here to contact us and let us know what you have in mind and we'll make it for you.